How to use this site: Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for coming to our Web site for continuing education activities. This page will attempt to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you don’t see your question about how to use this Web site below, please let us know and we will do our best to address it.

What kind of device should I use to get the most out of this site?

For the best experience with this Web site, we recommend using one of these devices:

Modern smartphones (iPhone, Google Nexus, etc.) can display the Web site, but their comparatively small screens will not provide the best experience. A screen with a horizontal resolution of at least 1,024 pixels is strongly recommended.

What are the minimum browser requirements?

The table below shows the Web browsers we consider as meeting the minimum requirements for a good experience on this site. An em dash (“—”) indicates the listed browser isn’t available for a particular operating system.

Minimum version by operating system
Browser nameWindowsmacOSiOSLinux/UNIXAndroid
Microsoft Edge25.0
Google Chromeanyanyanyanyany
Internet Explorer11.0†

–Microsoft Internet Explorer has been discontinued and should be avoided; versions distributed to government agencies are known to have serious bugs that break our sites.

For best site results, we use a Web iconography service called “Font Awesome” to display some informational graphics and symbols; it is used by hundreds of thousands of sites on the Internet and poses no security threat. If you do not see a large green check mark in a circle to the left of this paragraph, you are not able to display SVG images. Please contact your I.T. or I.S. support staff for help.

If an activity uses video content, will I be able to view it?

In most cases, you should have no problem streaming video content for our activities; most are hosted on our private YouTube channel. Military installations, however, may experience restrictions that prevent access. Unfortunately, outside of viewing the content away from your installation, you may be unable to participate in the educational activity.

I’m in the military or government; do I have to use my work-provided computer or device for this activity?

Unless you have been specifically told that you must use a work computer or device, no! You can use any device with Internet access to obtain CE for this activity. Please note, however, that if you work in an access-restricted environment or must use a work-provided e-mail address for your CE, you may have problems resetting your pass phrase or password if you don’t use a work-provided computer or device.